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If you suffer from TMJ, you’re not alone – in fact, it’s estimated that 105 million Americans suffer from this condition.
All headaches start in a section of the brain that receives signals from the head and neck. Migraines caused by TMJ disorder are most commonly the result of the chewing muscles, the teeth, and the temporomandibular joint not working together properly as an integrated unit. These imbalances are what cause this particular type of migraine.
Some of the most common causes of TMJ are:

  • trauma
  • whiplash
  • stress
  • grinding
  • clenching
  • dental malocclusion
  • missing teeth
  • sore teeth
  • muscle abuse
  • braces

TMJ and TMD Treatment

Having your TMJ  condition diagnosed and treated is key to achieving complete wellness, which is why Dr. Preziosi takes a compassionate and caring approach to treat our patients with TMJ/TMD migraine issues. With a combination of professional office and home care, Dr. Preziosi’s TMJ disorder patients have found that their symptoms have either been minimized or completely eliminated.

Flexible Payments and Financing

It is important to our team that patients have flexibility in terms of payment. Dr. Preziosi accepts traditional methods of payment, monthly financing, and will discuss with patients the difficulties related to medical insurance coverage for all treatments. Contact us today for a free TMJ consultation.